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My inspiration for has always been the hustle, bustle, sophistication, innovation and diverse opinions that drive New York City and also increasingly fuel social connections around the globe. This current website expansion represents the newest (but far from the last) iteration of that original vision.

Although parts of the blog (most specifically, the categories listed under the heading “Wealth & Wisdom”) are directly aimed at encouraging conversations and sharing personal insight about financial management – the profession I’ve been practicing for nearly 12 years – you’ll quickly discover that most of the other dropdown menus are intentionally focused elsewhere: Hollywood, politics, music, golf, law, technology . . . and vastly more. 

But here’s the real deal: I want to hear from you – comments, opinions, articles, ideas – Let me know! In particular, check out the “events” section and always remember that is a whole lot more than just a “virtual community.” Indeed, it’s an invitation.

Four quick tips for getting the most out of this site: (1) To go directly to the most recent posts (or to search), just click the “+” button on the upper right hand side of the page; (2) If you’d like to get in touch or learn more about me personally, you’ll also find my official bio and a contact link up on top as well; (3) By hovering your cursor over the various menus, you’ll be able to zone in on particular areas of interest – so don’t just click – NAVIGATE; and (4) at the bottom of every post, there are buttons both for drafting comments and to automatically share content across any of your preferred social networks.

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